lentil and roasted pumpkin salad

The words lentil and salad together don’t usually make me run to strap on my dancing shoes, but when I landed on this combination the other day I did do a bit of a tap dance under the table.

Boiled legumes and roasted root vegetables aren’t exactly rock and roll enough to write home about, but when accented with briny, puckery capers they do get a bit exciting. Still, it’s absolutely, definitely the dressing that made me want to remember this salad for later – a tangy yogurt base with a vingary zip, a sweet maple squeeze and a friendly, familiar but out-of-context hello from dried mint and dill.  If you have one last pumpkin kicking around on your kitchen counter and the weather has suddenly forgotten that it’s summer for long enough to let you turn on the oven – and both of those things were the case over here today – this salad could be your ticket.  To where?  I’m not sure.  But somewhere good.